That dreaded and awkward first post..

It was around mid-August when I first came in contact with the concept of ‘Language Technology’ and when I say ‘came in contact’ I mean I saw the code on LI4113 on my timetable and promptly had a quick look into this new module that I’d be studying this year. I soon began to understand that it was all to do with the concept of technology and how it can improve your language learning.I was amazed that my love of technology and even social media could some how improve my language learning and put me one step closer to my degree. Personally, I do little things in regards  technology to improve my language learning on a regular basis, for example, my phones language is set to Irish and both my Facebook and Twitter are in Spanish, this in itself helps me greatly in learning those new key buzz words that are clogging up our minds these days, such as tweet, poke, text or wall-post. It might be a small help, but it helps.

I am mostly interested in analyzing he concept of how technology can improve language learning or maybe in some cases dis-improve. I often wonder, years ago, we never had Facebook or Twitter let alone the option of using them in a language different to our own, and surely peoples ability to learn a language back then was no better or worse now? I often question the concept of technology in learning anything, when years ago, technology was never used as way to learn or enhance and yet the standard of competency in any foreign language was still at a high level.

Even in saying this, I personally, heavily rely on technology to enhance my language learning. I often use online dictionary’s and thesaurus to improve my vocabulary in my chosen language, in my case Spanish and Gaeilge, I find learning vocabulary to be a key part of any language. I also find the concept of grammar very interesting, but often find it hard to use any websites or blogs to assist me here, and often rely on books. Grammar for me is absolutely key in language learning if you want to build any level of proficiency, grammar has to be the main focal point for any language learner if they want to be the best. Grammar is king.

 Who am I you might ask? In regards to Language learning? Well, I myself am a second year languages student so I am always open to new ways of learning languages in the most interesting and often easiest way possible with still giving me a high level of competency in my languages, so my main aim for this blog is to find out and share with you different ways of easy and manageable ways to learn a language without compromising quality. Even before I go do any research, I know doing little things like changing your Facebook from your native language to the language you are trying to learn can even help. How great is that? Something we spend half our lives on can now maybe help us even learn a little, even if its a little, believe me, it counts. Surprisingly enough I have no major interest to go on and teach languages in the traditional sense but the concept of unique and individual ways of language learning really interests me.  So hopefully through the course my blogging career, you can help me, help you,

This blog is mostly for the attention of any language learner that is interested and keen in learning new ways of learning a language, whether it be for my own personal learning, my fellow students, to the benefits of my lecturers even or just some other language learners out there in the world, my aim is to just share what I find and while helping myself hopefully help someone else along the way.

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