Better late than never..

Hey there guys,

Sorry about the terrible delay with a new blog post, but, you’ll be happy to know that I have not been sitting around all day doing nothing with my time, in fact I have been looking into different so called aspects of technology that can assist my language learning. During this time I have come across a particular software that I find very useful, it’s called ‘Duolingo’. It’s just so easy to use and so easily accessible, for instance I have it as an app on my phone and as far as I am aware if is readily available to download on all smart phones, so that’s right lads and lassies, try and convince the ‘rents’ to buy you a new phone as now it can be used as a learning tool!! Seems legit right?

Back to the point at hand, ‘Duolingo’ is a simple app where  you can pick and choose the language you wish to improve or even learn. I for example use it for French, which I am not studying in university but I do have a keen interest in it, I also use it for Spanish which is a language I am studying. So for me, this app needed to do two things. 1) Help me to grasp the basics of French (or another language) and 2) Further help me with my progression in Spanish. It deals with different levels so you can vary what you are learning, it can vary from easy basics to more difficult sentence structure and vocab. The part of it that I particularly love is the pronunciation aspect, at different parts of the lesson you are given words or sentences to repeat into your phone and it tells if you are wrong or right, this to me is a key element in mastering a language, if you can’t get the pronunciation or accent right, even when the grammar and structures are all correct it just never sounds as good! Am I right?

That’s just such a simple tool for anyone to use and it personally really helps me to learn even a few more words or phrases to add to more vocabulary whether it be Spanish or French or even German. I can this particular software developing even further in the next few months where we will see more languages being offered and I can’t wait for the day I see Irish as an option on it, I’m determined to improve my Irish and am willing to do anything to makes this happen so ‘Duolingo’ introducing Irish as an option would be so helpful for me and anyone else out there interested in learning the Irish language.

Everybody go check this app out it’s so helpful and really works if you’re an interactive learner! Best go and do a bit more research for ye guys!

Talk soon,


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