Language websites that can help or hinder. Your choice.

Hi guys,

Unlike my last post this one will take the form of an evaluation or critical analysis on 3 to 4 language learning websites and/or blogs from other language enthusiasts.  If I’m honest  it was a difficult task to figure out what websites would be useless to me because I often find things like that difficult to navigate, but luckily I did find or or two that helped me.

This website which was recommended to my brother who is currently learning Chinese, Irish and French and is  very avid learner of languages in general even though he is studying psychology in university.  Its called ‘All Japanese all the Time’ and can be found at the following link; . I found this website/ blog to be very easy to use and in fact quite useful. As I type this blog I decided to undertake a kind of experiment with my friend Chloe who is texting away on her phone as I type this very sentence, she studies Industrial Biochemistry so has no real interest in languages so I decided to ask her to look at this website herself, to me this would really determine if this website could help or hinder an advanced language learner or even a beginner. In my opinion  the language acquisition method of this website, is constantly condensed and constantly updated. I found it to be very up to date and in keeping with easy language learning.  This website/blog in particular helps with all types of language learning, not just Japanese which can be easily mislead by the title of said blog. I found this blog particularly useful in the way that it taught you how to go about learning many languages, it had the best approach in managing the concept of learning multiple languages at one time. It was always well organised in the way of the layout as it was easy to use and to understand. It also had other links to other similar blogs and websites which of course were either beneficial or not but I will talk about those other sites in my next post.

This blog in particular allowed me take a light- hearted approach to language learning and gave me some good ideas that will help me in the future, where it did not necessarily go into varied detail on vocab or grammar in a chosen langauges which can be mentioned as a possible criticism, this did not effect me as this was not what I was looking for at this particular time, I wanted to learn ‘how to learn a language’ before I went about going into the language and uncovering the hidden aspects of complicated grammar and unique vocabulary. For me and maybe a few others out there, I need to ‘learn’ how to do something before I can committ fully to it, to become the best I need to understand the concept of language learning as an enterity and not just the hidden workings of one language, language learning is about much more than grammar and interesting vocabulary but it is also about understanding how you can the learn the language most efficiently and to the best of your abilities. In my humble opinion.

I hope this some what higgedly piggedly analysis of the website will help, or like my title suggests possibly hinders your language learning, which of course I hope doesn’t happen. Remember langauge learning is all about determination and belief, so stay determined and keep the faith.

Until next time,


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