Irish, the language of a minority.

Hey guys,

Surprisingly I have managed to make time to do yet another blog post this week, today I actually wanted to discuss the concept of online dictionairies  and thesaurus that can often help or sometimes disimprove langauge learning. I have come across a very good online dictionary by the name of For some reason I find reaming through pages and pages of words in dictionaries quite tiring and tedious, especially when you can just type it into your search engine and it’ll just come up. Does anybody else find themselves not liking the concept of the average paper back dictionary and would just prefer to type into your search engine and bobs you uncle a few hundred different meaning and ways of using one word, or is that just me? I especially like this ‘translator’ for French or even Spanish, unfortunately I have not yet found a decent online dictionary or thesaurus that caters for Irish, which for me is some what disappointing when it comes to improving my Irish. I am taking Irish as my advanced language and hope to do my work experience in the next few months in this field, to improve my Irish. I find it quite difficult to actually find any online resources to help with Irish let alone good ones, I came across one the other day by the name of which seemed to have simple exercises for improving Irish grammar, when I say simple I mean the software was basic and if I’m honest not very well put together, the layout was difficult to use and I often found myself struggling to navigate back to where I wanted to be. I would not recommend this website really for any language learner, Irish wise. As it didn’t help significantly and was just difficult to use. Another site which was often recommended to me by any teacher or lecturer was a website by the name of which can be found at the web address . To be very honest this website is probably the most useful, it is an online dictionary. The only problem I would have with it is the fact that if isn’t very up-to-date and often doesn’t provide popular common and modern words that I now might want to use in any Irish essay in order to improve standard an offer a higher quality. In respect to layout, it’s very basic but so simple to use that I don’t think anyone would have any major difficulties with it, but sure go on an have a try for yourself!

Anyway I best be off, have plenty more language learning type things to do! Talk Soon!

Hasta Luego,


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