The software that will guarantee you an A.

Hi All,

My initial plan for this blog post was to do something in relation to language learning and gaming seeing as it was the topic we covered this week in labs and in the lecture, but then coming across  something yesterday changed my mind! My brother was helping me formulate a study plan for this semester to keep me on track of all my assignments and allow time for study as well, while in the middle of this he said ‘Have you ever used this learning software Claire? It’s guaranteed to get you an A in anything you!’ Of course, my initial reaction was, why have you never told me about this before! Which I suppose is a fairly reasonable response! Anyway this particular piece of software is free to download and is called ‘Anki’, I wouldn’t specifically say this is for language learning but it can be certainly used for any topic you would like. 

The main objective of this software is to allow you to create your own online flashcards for any topic you would like, for example Spanish pronouns. There is a list of different layouts and you can add, take away and change cards in your deck at any time and make as many decks as you would like on any topic at all. The layout is very basic and easy to use which is definitely one thing I love about this particular language. You can also formulate the flashcards in any way want, to suit your specific learning needs. I have only been using this software a day and have already formulated a whole deck on a specific topic which I can test myself on as many times as I want during the way, and mark the level of difficulty of the questions and how long it took me to come up with the answer, I am already finding this tool useful as well as interactive and easy to learn.

So, if you looking to learn something about anything, whether it be French verbs or how to cook a lasange, give ‘Anki’ a try and see how you learn things without even realising!

Until next time lads,


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