Music the Language Learning way.

Hi Guys,

So today, while in Spanish class ideas were buzzing around the class on what maybe we could put in our blogs this week, and one of the girls mentioned the use of different languages in songs, unfortunately the example used wasn’t the most helpful song to use as a language learning tool but this whole idea made me think of how listening to music or even an audio book can help tune in your ear to your chosen language.

For example, my brother is trying to teach himself french, he has done little things to improve his knowledge of the language on an everyday basis, without having to sit at a computer or in front of a book studying grammar or verb conjugations for 12 hours a day. He’s put his computer into French which automatically improves his vocabulary, he is also a HUGE music fan and spends every minute of his day listening to music, so inturn he decided to turn something he loves doing into a learning aid and now mostly listens to French music on a regular basis. This has improved his pronounciation and his ability to understand the language greatly. I have since began to listen to more and more Spanish music in order to achieve the same thing, and seeing as we live under the same roof, his avid listening to French music, subliminally helps me, even though I am not studying French in my degree, I am very interested in learning it so his methods of teaching himself also help me.

It’s so easy to improve your chosen language, and it also seems possible to enjoy it will your at it, who knew. Just some food for thought.

Talk soon guys,


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