Another day another dolla’

Hey guys,

Sorry it’s been a little while since my last post, have plenty of midterms coming up so I have been doing nothing but studying grammar for the last few days. Which infact made me start to think that there must be a simpler way of learning grammar, and when I say learning it I mean understanding it, to me there is a major difference between learning and understanding when it comes to language learning. When I study any part of a language I at first just think I am doing very well, I am remembering all my verb endings and all the different conjugations, I feel happy going in and sitting the exam. Unfortunately, once I go in and sit the exam it’s a different story. I realise that I may know the verb endings and the irregular verbs but I am completely unsure how to apply it in every day context, which in lies the difference between learning and understanding, I have realised I can learn a lot of things ‘off by heart’ but I lack understanding, so I wish to tackle this to further my language learning. I have set about finding tools to not help ones learning but to help ones understanding, I have taken it upon myself to find such a tool and my journey with that, starts today. Wish me luck. I will be reporting back, very promptly with my findings, whether good or bad.

Speak soon,


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